A Lawful Fashion Marriage

When we take a moment to think about New York Fashion Week, what comes to mind? Buyers, designers, stylists, celebrities all sitting with their iPhone ready; but what happens when all of those worlds collide? Here at Style Squad, we have the most up-to-date news in the world of style, and it would be a shame not to mention one of the biggest stylists in the industry and his gorgeous muse. 

Law Roach is known as THE celebrity stylist. From cultivating Celine Dion’s incredible fashion transformation to continuing the fashionable successes of muses like Ariana Grande, Brandy, Jessie J, and his most notable client- Zendaya. From working on looks for appearances, award shows, red carpets, and Zendaya’s everyday fashion flex, it is notable to respect who is behind all of her killer looks. 

Since the start of their relationship, Zendaya has placed heavy trust on Law Roach’s opinion and taste, landing her on best-dressed lists time and time again. Since then, the relationship has evolved into more of a business partnership as they launched the Zendaya x Tommy Hilfiger collab. Since the beginning, most of the reigns have fallen in the hands of Zendaya and Law Roach. Tommy did an incredible job having his team collaborate instead of taking total control of the collections. By sharing the same taste and eye for detail, this team is a match made in heaven. Now at its fourth and final collection, their show was one of the most notable this NYFW season. 

Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya Fashion Show

The last and final collection of the Zendaya and Tommy Collab was held at the Apollo theater, pulling heavy inspiration from all things flirty and retro. The collection was backed with lots of 70’s vibes, colors, and patterns. Accompanied by the models was a live band that generated excitement and fun for the audience.  A beautiful medley of models from all shapes, sizes, and races floated down the NYFW runway in perfectly tailored suits, beautifully hugging bodysuits, large flare pants, and fedoras. The biggest highlights of the show included the reintroduction of tweed and mixed animal prints to the fashion scene (something never done before by Tommy and his team). Another new approach Tommy’s team took is having the full collection be ready-to-wear- in order to avoid their millennial audience to see the collection as played out (due to the lag in time most Fall NYFW garments take to actually hit a sales floor). 

Along with the collaboration on looks for the collection, we fashion geeks enjoy knowing that each party (Zendaya, Tommy and Law Roach) own equal percentages of the collections. 

Tommy Hilfiger, Zendaya, and Law Roach

Food for thought: Law Roach continues to inspire us with his out-of-the-box looks and fierce work ethic. Styling does not always have to be about picking the best shoes to match that gorgeous bag; instead, it can be something larger than yourself and grow into opportunities for amazing collaborations with other talented creatives.

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