Must-Have Accessories for Every Wardrobe

Many basic wardrobe accessories are quintessential and never go out of style. Accessories of any type have the ability to change the tone of your outfit and help you dress your ensemble up or down. Add accessories to your everyday outfits to add an extra “WOW” factor or a pop of color when needed. Reliable and effortless picks like a fashion belt, watch, or oversized tote have proven to be must-have accessories for a stylish and easy-to-navigate wardrobe. Adding the following accessories to your closet will not only elevate your personal style but also streamline your getting-ready process. Purge your closet of the unnecessary pieces and opt for these simple yet versatile pieces!

Luxury Watch

Leather banded or gold-linked, small face or large face — watches are a stylish accessory that should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe. A watch is an important investment and apart from being a timeless piece (no pun intended), it’s an important fashion accessory to own. Experimenting with straps, designs, colors, and materials will give not only the watch but your entire look an added freshness. Pair your watch with virtually any outfit and don’t be afraid to swap out a traditional watch for a tech watch — a trend that is becoming very popular lately. 


Underrated as an important accessory: a nice, beautifully crafted pair of sunglasses can pull together an entire outfit in an instant. A cute pair of sunnies already does the job of protecting your eyes from summer rays, but they also add a chicness to your outfits throughout all seasons. The beauty of sunglasses is that they come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. They make a great statement accessory for any occasion and look you’re trying to achieve. 

Carry-All Bag

A carry-all bag or large tote bag is a must-have for today’s modern fashionista. It is also a key accessory for our ladies that love to run around with their entire lives in their bag. You may not always need an oversized bag for every occasion, but it’s important to own one to stash away because not only are they useful, but they are also chic and effortlessly stylish way to transport your necessities. Start off with a black or brown bag, then as your collection grows, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, sizes, and prints. 


From high-end brands like Louis Vuitton to more affordable retailers like Aldo, you can find a range of clutches. Clutches serve as both a classic and statement piece. Go for a quick-zip style or envelope. You can even opt for a hand-held clutch or an oversized style to give your look a bit more edginess. While many associate clutches with elegance and a night out, clutches are a versatile piece that can be styled casually for an effortless daytime outfit. 

Gold Hoops

Hoops have been a huge staple accessory for 2019, but they’ve always been a classic item that has the ability yo dress up anything from tech-wear to evening wear. Add gold hoops to your favorite beach look this summer or keep it boho-inspired with a printed floral scarf and cardigan this fall. Lucky for us, gold hoops can range in size and even shape to accommodate any and every occasion. Swap out your studs for bamboo, door-knocker styled hoops or go for a more classic and subtle, thin gold hoop. 


Wearing a belt is an easy way to make your outfits look more polished. They are also a great accessory to utilize to break up the flow of your outfit or draw attention to different areas. Lately, statement belts have been a prominent trend. Coordinating your belt with your shoes or bag will help to keep your look cohesive while adding a bit of oomph to your overall look. A waist-belt, whether slim or wide will work to cinch the waist and adds instant sophistication to a dress or oversized shirt. A skinny-styled belt pairs well with high-waisted pants. In totality, belts are essential to every wardrobe.

Once you’ve nailed your must-have accessory collection, you can nail any fashion look. Accessories give you the freedom to mix and match to achieve an uber-stylish look. Be on the lookout for the final part to our three-part series on wardrobe must-haves and always remember, less is more when it comes to accessorizing. 

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