How to Find out What Colors Enhance Your Beauty

Hey everyone! Carla- here. In case you didn’t know, I am one of the featured stylists for Style Squad and owner of my own styling company, A Creative Cliché. In this blog post, I’m excited to go over something many people struggle over- choosing the right colors that enhance their beauty. If you struggle with this, it’s totally normal since there is a science to it. Lucky for you, this is something I’m trained in, and I’m here to let you in on some secrets to figuring it out. Tell me if this story sounds familiar:

So, it’s laundry day. All of your favorite clothing items are in the wash or at the cleaners, but you’ve made plans for the day. So you head to the forgotten section of your closet. You know- the one with old sweatshirts from college, some of your old favorites that have seen better days, and a few clothing gifts from your aunts. Since you don’t have a ton of options, you reach in and grab one of the tops your aunt got you for your last birthday; it’s green and shimmers a bit. You think nothing of it.

You get to your first stop of the day and receive a totally unexpected compliment from the barista you see every morning. You think it’s weird, but no big deal. The day progresses and all of a sudden you’ve gotten more compliments on this top then you ever did when you tried to look nice. Why? Because you may have never realized that there are certain colors that can make your beauty stand out and some colors that won’t look so great on you. 

Let me introduce you to the science of colors and color analysis. In the 80’s, color analysis was huge. I mean literally it was everywhere; everyone wanted to know what their colors were. Many even carried swatches with them during their shopping trips. Eventually, like any craze, this habit died down without the knowledge truly ever being passed down to the following generations. But you shouldn’t have to miss out. So here is a very basic introductory guide to finding out your colors:

How to Find out Your Colors

First, determine if you are a cool or warm tone.
Make sure you are fresh-faced before doing anything. 
If you have colored your hair, tie it back so it is not in view. 

Find out if you look better in gold or silver. 
Seriously, find out.  Don’t select this based on how many silver or gold pieces you have but by going in the mirror to truly look. 

If you look better in silver: you are a cool tone, and if you look better in gold: you are a warm tone. 

Carla Develigne is a cool tone, and Jennifer Lopez is a warm tone.
Photos via Pinterest

Now if you happen to be someone who equally looks good in both, (this does not happen often) then you may be a neutral. Neutral tones are not common and break a few barriers.

Now that you have determined whether you are a cool or warm tone, we can break it down even further. You can determine what colors look best on you by finding out your season.

Cool Tones

If you are a cool tone, you will fall into one of two categories: Summer or Winter. 

Summer: Cool tone with low contrast between hair and skin color
For example: cool beige skin and natural blonde hair. 

Margot Robbie is a Summer.
Photo via Pinterest

Winter: Cool tone with high contrast between hair and skin color
For instance: cool beige skin and natural dark brown hair.

Anne Hathaway is a Winter.
Photo via Pinterest

Warm Tones

If you are a warm tone, your season is Spring or Fall.

Spring: Warm tone with low contrast between hair and skin color 
For instance: warm peach skin and natural strawberry blonde hair. 

Client is warm spring (Styled by me/ A Creative Cliché)

Autumn: Warm tone with high contrast between hair and skin color. 
For example: warm brown skin and natural dark brown hair.

Model is autumn. (Styled by me/ A Creative Cliché)
Model is deep autumn. (Styled by me/ A Creative Cliche)

You might be thinking “Ok, I know my season- now what?”. Well, determining your true colors is the hardest part. Once you are certain what your season is, you can find your personal swatch of colors and tones conducting a simple online search. For example, you can type in “color analysis summer shades”. Replace “summer” with whatever season you are.

Being sure if you are cool or warm or really narrowing down your season and hues can be a bit hard on your own since you may not have a trained eye. If you’re feeling bogged down but are very intrigued by colors feel free to hire an image consultant or personal stylist who is an expert on color analysis.

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