How to Pair Sneakers with Dresses and Skirts

Sneakers are insanely comfortable. Dresses and skirts can be equally as comfortable, not to mention freeing since they are not as restrictive as pants. Sneakers and dresses or skirts are pure magic! Just like with any outfit, your sneakers shouldn’t compete with your dress or skirt, but rather complement it.

Classics like Converse Chuck Taylor Low Tops go with everything. They come in just about every color imaginable, as well as fun prints. My go to’s are white leather because there isn’t anything that doesn’t match a neutral. If you are looking for a little pop that is not distracting, go for a colored converse.

They pair perfectly with a feminine frilly frock, which is so in right now.

Old Skool Vans are another sneaker that goes with EVERYTHING. They come in a variety of colors as well, but black is my favorite. I also love the platform style because it adds a little bit of a feminine touch.

There is something about a silky maxi and vans that just screams cool girl.

Nike Cortez can add some sportiness to any outfit. They are extremely comfortable like you will never want to take them off comfortable. They come in different color combos and patterns.

This tulle skirt paired with the Cortez looks like she is ready to have some fun.

The Cortez paired with a jersey skirt looks relaxed, but she still means business.

I love Adidas. The Samba, Superstar, and Gazelle are three of my favorites. They are similar in style and all feature the iconic side stripes. Adidas look great with form-fitting dresses and skirts. They also create an effortless look when paired with an A-line or circle skirt.

Adidas with a pencil skirt or form-fitting dress is always a yes.

This outfit says, “I am ready for some fun.” The stripes on the skirt match nicely with the stripes on the shoes and visually break-up all the blue in the outfit.

Hi-tops paired with a mini skirt gives the impression that your legs are long. The mini skirt helps create length, which balances out the shortening effect of the hip tops. My favorites are the Nike Dunk Sky Hi; the hidden wedge really does make your legs a mile long.

These cheetah hi-tops have so much going on with the print and studs, but paired with a simple mini skirt the outfit looks polished and chic.

I’ve never met a Nike that I don’t like. Seriously, with all the different silhouettes, patterns, and colors, it is really hard not to go broke.

I can say without a doubt, that the Nike React Element 55 are the most comfortable shoes EVER. It feels like walking on a cloud. The greys in this shoe match perfectly with the snake print dress while the lime green swoosh adds a pop of color.

These Air Max 270’s were made to be worn with this floral skirt. The colors are spot-on, and the mesh fabric adds texture to the look.

The way these Air Max 95’s match the color and print on this skirt takes athleisure to a whole other level.

These Epic React Flyknit 2’s are understated in the best way. They blend in the hoodie and let the pleated midi skirt do all the talking.

My feet are literally swooning over all the sneaker options. Don’t get me wrong, I love heels just as much as the next girl, but by the end of the day, my feet are crying for help. Sneakers with dresses and skirts are just fun. There is nothing holding you back about where you can go and what you can do. Next time you throw on a dress or skirt, reach for the sneakers!

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