What Accessories to Wear for Different Necklines

Accessories are a key component in fashion and should not be overlooked. The right accessories can elevate an outfit, but if the accessories don’t flow then something will seem a bit off. Often times, we forget how important accessories can be. Here are some tips for matching your accessories to your neckline so that you can take your outfit to the next level. Don’t just stop at a necklace and earrings though. People often forget that your hair is a valuable accessory that can really tie everything together.


We all know what a V-neck is. It can work for pretty much any body type, from large to small bust and narrow to wide shoulders. V-necks elongate the upper half of your body which makes the neck and face appear slimmer. This style pairs really well with a simple necklace that follows the shape of the V and highlights the collar bone.

Crew Neck (Round Neck)

This is another one that works for everybody. This style accentuates the upper half and chest. But wearing dangle earrings it will help create a lengthening effect throughout the neck.

Halter Neck

Halters wrap the neck and show off the shoulders. This style works for women with larger busts or wide shoulders. Since there can be a lot going on, a necklace is not necessary. If you do choose to wear a necklace, go with one that is short like a collar necklace.

Off the Shoulder Neck (Strapless)

This style also showcases the shoulders like the halter. By drawing the eyes to the shoulders, it balances the midsection. Keep the hair off the neck and stick with a collar necklace to further accentuate the collarbone and shoulders.

Boat Neck

This style tends to make the neck look shorter and widen the shoulders. To counter that try an updo. This could be a braided crown or a low loose bun. Keeping the hair off the neck and shoulders will work in harmony with the neckline rather than looking like you don’t have a neck at all. Keep the accessories simple and understated.

Button Up Neck

This is a classic neckline. If you’re petite, choose a more tailored cut. If your bust is slightly larger, go with a looser fit in order to avoid gapping and pulling throughout the chest. This style pairs nicely with a fun statement necklace and loose effortless hair.

Scoop Neck

The scoop neck is similar to the round neck but is much deeper. It draws attention to the chest, but by wearing a long necklace or long earrings it will create length throughout the body. Having the hair down will also reduce the emphasis on the chest.

The wonderful thing about fashion is that you don’t have to follow strict rules. Tips are there to help guide you and empower you through what you wear. What we wear directly has an impact on how we feel. The most important thing about fashion is to feel good about yourself and what you’re wearing. I hope these tips will inspire you to try new accessories. You may find that you like something new more than what you were doing before. Be sure to download the Style Squad App for more fashion inspiration and to get personalized wardrobe advice.

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