DIY: How to Stretch Shoes That Are Too Small

Weall have those one pair of shoes that we are absolutely in love with but are just a tad too small. Before you suffer through the pain and discomfort of blister, try using ice to stretch out your shoes at home. This fast and easy shoe-stretching technique will help you rock your shoes comfortably in no time!

Step 1: Fill plastic baggies with water

Fill two baggies with water: one bag for each of your shoes. You’re going to want to use bags that are specifically labeled for freezer use so they don’t rip or break when the water becomes ice. Depending on which area of your shoe you’re trying to stretch, the amount of water used to fill the baggies will vary. Below is a list to help you decipher on how much water to use:

Toe: fill 1/4 of the baggie with water
Toe and instep: fill 1/2 of the baggie with water
Toe, instep and ankle area: fill 1/2 to 1/3 of the baggie with water

Step 2: Check the baggies

Be sure to check the bags to ensure that they are sealed. During this step you should also remove any excess air from inside the baggie — this will keep the bag from popping inside the freezer. This step is important because it will make inserting the bag into the shoes a lot easier.

Step 3: Place the baggies in each shoe

Be careful when inserting the bags in to the shoes. Try your best to get bag nestled in to the area that you want the most stretching to occur. Do not use too much force; if you do, it could cause the baggies to rupture.

Step 4: Place your shoes in the freezer

Place your shoes in the freezer and allow them to sit for at least 4–8 hours. This ensures that the water has enough time to freeze.

Step 5: Remove the bags of ice

After allowing the ice to freeze, remove the shoes from the freezer and let them sit at room temperature for approximately 20–25 minutes. After letting them sit, remove the baggies of ice. This process allows the ice to thaw a little so it’s easier for you to remove the baggies from the shoes.

If the baggies still won’t come out of your shoes, let most of the ice thaw in the baggie and then remove them.

Now those once too-tight shoes are ready to be worn! This method should stretch your shoes about half a size and allow you to comfortably move around. Let us know in the comments what your favorite fashion hack is!

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