What to Wear to Different Types of Interviews

When it comes to interviews, there are so many ways to impress your future boss. One way to captivate their interest is by dressing well. First, determine the type of interview you’re going to choose the appropriate attire. Interviews range from casual to formal. It can be at a coffee shop or a corporate office full of people in very expensive suits. And trust me, you don’t want to walk into that room wearing your favorite ripped jeans and white Adidas.

Casual Look

Let’s say you’re getting interviewed at your favorite retail store and you own almost every pair of jean they sell. It’s acceptable to combine a pair with a button-up shirt with the sleeves cuffed up, sealing the look with a tie. This look will be perfect for when you’re on-the-go before the interview.

Business Casual Look

To step up the casual look for a more serious one, you can switch the jeans for a pair of chinos or dress pants and change the shirt to a short-sleeved button up. This look can also pass as casual, but the difference is in the details. Try adding a brown belt and matching it with oxfords to accentuate that you mean business without being too formal.

Business Look

When dressing for a formal interview, you might think using a suit is the only way to go, but guess what? You can totally replace your traditional suit jacket with a blazer, a sport jacket, or even a cardigan for a softer look.

If you decide to stick with the traditional look, don’t be afraid to use color! Try fun ties and patterned-suits such as pinstripe or glen check, to spice up your wardrobe and definitely stand out. You won’t be the only one interviewing for the position, so why stick to blending in? Remember, the most important part is to feel confident and yourself.

I’m not saying you should over-stress about your outfit, because you will need the time to prep for the actual interview. However, it’s good to take your time putting your look together because it shows dedication and the effort you’re willing to put into the interview and your job.

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